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Dear friends, 
We are pleased to introduce our company! 
Phoenix Publishing House is one of the top 10 largest companies in Russia. For over 25 years Phoenix has been on the market, taking part in life of book lovers in Russia and The Commonwealth of Independent States. Over these years Phoenix has taken a leading position and currently offers book produced at the best printing offices, which employ cutting edge technologies. One of the key components of our success is our system approach to the development of the whole book series as well as of each single book. We carefully select the authors, artist and editors, and methodologist reviewing our developmental literature. 

Children’s  books
Children’s books is the youngest yet very promising branch of Phoenix. We are aimed at the young readers aged between 0 – 12 years. Our children’s books include bright illustrations and well thought-out texts developed by psychologists and teachers. Each project is inspired by the wish to create a unique and useful product for children. Click here to download our children books catalog as a PDF file. 

Books on crafts and hobbies 
There are so many interesting crafts which are not so difficult to master if you have a good tutorial with easy-to-follow instructions and clear illustrations. “The Craftsmen’s Town” series will provide you with an engaging and gratifying hobby to keep you occupied in your spare time in the evenings. Click here to download our catalog on crafts and hobbies as a PDF file. 
Non-fiction books
There is the new catalog of Phoenix Publishing House in front of you. This catalog includes books such the well-known authors as: Mikhail Litvak, Elena Uleva, Natalya Tzarenko and others. You can find a book on your interests: health, psychology, parenting, colouring books and more. You can read a brief content of the books and decide what is most interesting for you with the help of the catalog. Also the books on psychology are available, especially they will be interesting for mothers, there are many books on parenting. A large number of coloring books are represented in our catalog for creative people. All the materials are presented beautifully and clearly. Immerse yourself in the exciting world of books from Phoenix publishing house! Click here to download our Non-fiction books as a PDF file. 
We are glad to hear from you. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like to receive any reading copies or further information about any of our titles. 
Please contact Ksenia Alexandrovskaya, Foreign Rights Manager: 

E-mail: phoenix.foreignrights@yandex.ru 
Phone: +7 (863) 261 – 89 – 50 (266) 

Subscribe us on issuu: https://issuu.com/phoenixpublishinghouse



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